We breed Siberian Huskies with rich genetics. We pay very close attention to temperament and use a very hands-on approach with all our Sibes. We have found this to be very crucial in developing a Sibes personality. Our dogs are all inside dogs, raised with clock-work affection. We breed because we feel that everyone deserves to feel what it is like to be owned by a Siberian Husky. It's a bond nothing can break and unlike any bond you will ever have with another animal. They are smart and extremely attentive. Their personalities are as individually diverse as any human being. Are you ready to let your furry soulmate into your home and heart?

We pride ourselves in our breeding practices. We are always evolving and growing with the wealth of knowledge time grants us. We never stop trying to provide the absolute best possible life for all our pups, from our adult pack to the puppies we send out into the world. The first eight weeks of any dog's life is one of the most crucial time periods. There is so much growth and development that occurs, physically and more importantly mentally within these first eight weeks. This time period will dictate so many things in their lives, from how great of a companion animal they are to their general lifelong health. A week of growth and development in a puppy’s life is equivalent to several years of growth and development in human years. There are eight weeks of growth and development that we as breeders are responsible for. Being able to develop a fully rounded companion Husky is what we excel at. We treat them no differently than a human child, as treating a Husky like they are not an equal is the worst possible interaction you could provide them. They have emotional needs that need to be met in order for them to become the perfect companion that they are designed to be.
From Birth we do a set of stress tests with every puppy that will allow them to go on in life with the ability to handle stressful situations. Puppies are picked up daily and held in varying positions that are not natural to them. This induces a stress response and allows them to have
the ability to handle any stressful situation they may encounter. The success of this program has been scientifically proven to be effective and successful. All our mothers stay with their puppies for the entire eight weeks. They are not separated from them and the mothers wean at their own rate. They are perfectly capable to decide when their puppies should be weaned and human intervention to induce this is truly a mistake. Just because a mother has stopped feeding her puppies does not mean her "work" is done. Really the opposite is true as this is when the mothers teach their offspring dog etiquette and instill very crucial behaviors into the puppies. Cutting this time period out or short is detrimental and leads to many behavioral problems.
We also take great care into the physical development of all our puppies. Once they have started real food they are fed the same food that our entire pack eats. We cook 145 pounds of real food that is tailored to hit every need of any of our adults or puppies. This food is geared to ensure they all flourish. Along with this, our entire pack and puppies are given RO filtered water daily to drink. We have a RO filter on their water supply; this is to give them pure drinking water. As with everything we do we try to always keep it as close to natural as possible. We are one of the very few holistic breeders still present in the world. From natural dewormers to giving puppy owners the rare option to forgo puppy shots. We feel they deserve the best, since they can't speak for themselves we are given the duty of providing it for them.
You will also find that we keep our own pack down to a smaller size. We are not the normal breeding facility that has twenty five to thirty dogs or more, as part of their "pack". There is no possible way to properly care for and give the love these dogs truly need with a pack of that size. This breed thrives on human love and affection, and are not a breed that should be kept up in a tiny kennel deprived of human attention and love. We do not simply use our pack members as a means to create puppies as others do. They are our closest friends and companions, and with that they get treated as our companion first and foremost. Our packs personalities have been developed over extensive periods of time raising them from when they were puppies, and spending every waking moment with them. It can't be stressed enough how important that fact is in regards to the personalities our pack members have and the personalities they pass down to their puppies. 

Huskies are unlike any dog I have ever owned. They have opened my eyes to a different kind of loyalty that they possess. Once they have chosen you to own them they will always treat you as their superior and master. They demand the same respect that they mutually give and are the most Noble four legged creature walking this earth. They are pack animals by nature and being a part of that pack is a very special feeling. You will never question their loyalty or love for you. Out of all the Canine species, they have the most human-like emotional capacity. Their eyes speak a thousand words, without ever saying a word. The feeling they give off is one that can cross any language barrier. Their appearance is as diverse as their personalities and one of the only living creatures that we as humans can learn a few life lessons from. With being one of nature’s perfect creations, they come with very little health issues and are one of the most health-issue free canine species available. They demand your best, but still love you when you are at your worst. The love they possess and are capable of is the purest love one could feel. You will never question their loyalty or love from the moment they enter your life until the day they pass on. Once a Husky has imprinted on your heart you will know the love I speak of. If ever there was a perfect creature, then the Siberian Husky would definitely claim that title.